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GTM series · All ceramics contamination-free flat jet mill
working principle:
The pre-processed high-pressure working medium (air, nitrogen, etc.) generates a high-speed airflow after passing through the specific structure of the crushing nozzles arranged tangentially. The raw materials are sent into the crushing chamber through the air. The materials are accelerated by the airflow and collide with each other and friction and shear with the middle ring , The materials that are continuously crushed and refined gradually disengage from the centrifugal force, and finally are sent out of the crushing cavity from the discharge port of the upper cover of the machine cavity, and enter the downstream dust collection equipment (cyclone separator, bag dust collector, etc.) through the pipeline.
  1.   结合“碰撞”、“摩擦”、“剪切”等多种粉碎原理,冲击力强;
  2.   主机内腔接触物料部位可实现耐磨陶瓷防护,从而满足多数高新材料避免金属杂质污染要求(关键部位包括进料机构、腔体内衬、喷嘴、出料机构等)。
  3.   适用于硬度7级以下、对于粒度分布集中度要求较宽的物料粉碎,特别是对具有一定粘附性的超细粉体以及热敏性物料有较好的适用性,广泛应用于高新陶瓷材料、锂电池正负极材料、精细化工材料、精细非矿材料、食药品原料、颜料涂料粉体等领域。
  4.   可根据客户需要,后置涡轮分级机以满足去除大颗粒的要求;
  5.   内部结构相对简单,操作简便,方便拆洗与组装,且主机无运动部件,维护成本低,使用寿命长;
  6.   匹配全流程自动化生产线,无粉尘外泄,绿色环保;劳动强度低;智能在线及远程控制;
1. Combining multiple crushing principles such as "collision", "friction" and "shear", the impact is strong;
2. The parts of the main unit cavity that contact the material can achieve wear-resistant ceramic protection, thus meeting the requirements of most high-tech materials to avoid metal impurity contamination (the key parts include the feeding mechanism, the lining of the cavity, the nozzle, the discharging mechanism, etc.)
3. It is suitable for crushing materials with hardness below 7 and wide requirements for particle size distribution concentration, especially for superfine powder with certain adhesion and heat-sensitive materials. It is widely used in high-tech ceramic materials , Lithium battery positive and negative materials, fine chemical materials, fine non-mineral materials, food and pharmaceutical raw materials, pigment coating powder and other fields.
4. According to customer needs, the rear turbine classifier can meet the requirements of removing large particles;
5. The internal structure is relatively simple, the operation is simple, it is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and the main unit has no moving parts, the maintenance cost is low, and the service life is long;
6. Match the whole process automated production line, no dust leakage, green environmental protection; low labor intensity; intelligent online and remote control;
技术参数表(Technical Data Sheet):
Note: The specific configuration and processing effect need to be confirmed according to the material properties and processing requirements, and  you can communicate with our engineers or come to do materials processing  test first..
实物图片(Physical picture):
GTM-200(中型机)                                          GTM-50(全功能实验机型)
GTM-200(medium model)                                  GTM-50(full-function experimental model)
参考工艺流程图(Reference process flow chart):