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GP series · All ceramics contamination-free roller crusher
working principle:
After being put into the crushing cavity, small or granular materials are crushed and bitten by the opposite rotation of the two rollers, so that they are crushed and discharged through the gap between the two rollers.
  1.   适用于脆性物料的粗破碎,应用于锂电池材料、电子材料、高纯化工材料、高新陶瓷材料领域。
  2.   冲击磨损部位全部耐磨陶瓷防护,从而满足多数高新材料避免金属杂质污染要求,关键部位包括两支瓷辊等。
  3.   可根据物料性质和客户要求,对瓷辊进行抽槽处理以增加咬合力,也可以对接为双层对辊从而接受较为大块的原料破碎;可提供全密闭破碎形式,避免粉尘外泄且可通入惰性气体保护破碎。
1. It is suitable for the coarse crushing of brittle materials, and is used in the fields of lithium battery materials, electronic materials, high-purity engineering materials, and high-tech ceramic materials.
2. All impact wear parts are protected by wear-resistant ceramics to meet the requirements of most high-tech materials to avoid the contamination of metal impurities. The key parts include two ceramic rollers.
3. According to the material properties and customer requirements, the ceramic roller can be grooved to increase the bite force, or it can be combined as a double-layer roller to accept the crushing of larger pieces of raw materials; it can provide a fully enclosed crushing form to avoid dust leakage and can pass inert gas to protect the crushing.
技术参数表(Technical Data Sheet):
Note: The specific configuration and processing effect need to be confirmed according to the material properties and processing requirements, and you can communicate with our engineers or come to do materials processing test first.
实物图片(Physical picture):
GP-230*300(中型机)          GP-230*300(皮带式)                      微型机
GP-230*300(中型机)(Medium model)     GP-230*300(中型机)(Belt type)            Micromodel
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